COVID-19 Workplace Sanitisation

Dyno Protect: Partnering with progressive companies to fight COVID-19 and save lives.

Protect your workplace today! We are experts in sanitising workplaces from viruses and bacteria - with the best coverage, penetration and residual action*.

COVID-19 Commercial Sanitisation.

Protect you and your team from the coronavirus with complete sanitisation of your workplace. 

Dyno protect specialises in ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fog application of specially prepared hospital grade disinfectant in buildings, warehouses and office blocks to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. ULV Fog Sanitisation is currently being used globally as the preferred method to reduce the spread. View how Delta Airlines is enhancing their customer safety using this technique

View Delta Airlines Fog Application

Advantages of ULV Fog Sanitisation.

• Protection - Specially prepared hospital grade disinfectant with lab tests showing it kills most common viruses and bacteria. 
• Better coverage than other methods - small water droplets penetrate into areas otherwise difficult to reach. 
• Uses less chemical than other methods with greater results. 
• Effective - fast application and quick drying time with proven results. 
• Residual activity - continues to protect at least four weeks after application. 
• Meets NZ Health and WHO recommendations and guidelines. 
• No damage to surfaces. 
• Little cleanup required. 

*What is residual action? 
Residual action means that our process and special chemical mix ensures the sanitisation continues to work for a long time after application - We know it works for up to 4 weeks, however this could be much longer. We are awaiting lab results to determine the total length of time on different surfaces.