COVID-19 Commercial Sanitisation.

There are many methods being used to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and sanitisation of buildings, warehouses and office blocks is one of these tools. Dyno Protect are offering a ULV fog application of Hospital grade Disinfectant.

Sanitiser Used

We use a hospital grade disinfectant specially prepared for workplace sanitisation which will kill most common viruses and bacteria. The disinfectant is machine fogged onto all surfaces and touchpoints. 

Residual Action

Residue remains on surfaces and touchpoints killing viruses for some time after application and residual effect on COVID-19 could be at least four weeks. 

Application Time

Fog will dissipate in 15 - 20 minutes with drying time up to two hours depending on conditions. The building must be vacated for a minimum of fours hours after application. 


• WHO (World Health Organisation) have found that the virus can survive for up to 9 days on some surfaces.
• We recommend fog sanitising for any offices, staff eating/toilet areas and any building that the public has regular access too.
• This does not take the place of normal regular cleaning and sanitisation practices

Our Process

1. Schedule Sanitisation
2. Pre-Treatment Preperation
3. Premises Secured
4. Dyno Protect Fog Sanitise
5. Dry & Penetrate
6. Post-Treatment Clean

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Fog Sanitisation in progress