Pre-Treatment Preparation

Sanitizers are toxic to fish and reptiles. All aquariums must be removed from the premises or if they cannot be moved you must seal them with plastic wrap and leave at your own risk.
All pets must be removed from Premises.
Normally plants are not damaged but it can happen so any high value plants should be removed, however consider that if they are removed they will not be sanitized.
Any food that is not in sealed containers or wrapping should be placed in sealed containers or in a refrigerator.
Fogging environment is similar to being in a steamy shower room for approx. 15 minutes which will not effect most electronics however if you have any particularly fragile electronic equipment this must be removed or wrapped however anything removed or wrapped will not be sanitized.
Artwork and important papers.
These are not normally effected however if they are of high value they should be removed.
Cupboards and drawers.
Leave any cupboards or drawers open where you require for them to be sanitized inside.
Heating systems.
  1) Separate heaters or coolers should turned off, have filters cleaned and covers left open.
  2) Ducted systems should have filters cleaned and duct return air covers left open. Fans in ducts should be left open to assist in carrying fog further through system however ensure that this will not carry fog into another part of the building that may be occupied.

Turn off any naked flames.

Treatment Time.
We are taking extreme measures to protect the health and safety of our staff and they will not enter your building without full protective clothing and respirators.
Please help us protect our staff and meet them outside your building, do not shake hands and keep a 2m personal space.

Please show our staff through your building and point out any hazards.
Suggest path to work and exit strategy.
Single phase 3 pin plug outlets will be needed to power equipment.

We need our customers to provide personnel to guard outside any unlocked access doors while sanitization is being carried out and lock building for appropriate stand-down period.

Post treatment.
Minimum of 2 hours and preferably 8 hours after our technicians have left your site, you can enter and ventilate building.
Any food preparation areas utensils, pots, towels, bedding, children’s toys that have been sanitized should be washed.
Residue on chairs and desks could be a skin irritant and will need washing off if this is an issue.

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